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Trains_and_RailroadA trio of Southern Pacific E.M.D. E-7 diesel units lead train No.2, the new streamliner Budd-build "Sunset Limited", east near Whetstone, Arizona. in 1950$20.00TR2751 
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific ALCO PA-1 units 204 and 205 lead the newly streamlined SUNSET LIMITED across a Louisiana bayou as train N.2 from Los Angeles, California, to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1951$20.00TR2754 
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific train No.1 SUNSET streamliner races away from the rising sun toward a 9:15 a.m., arrival in Phoenix, Arizona$20.00TR2755 
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific E.M.D. E-7 diesel units, with No.6002 in the lead, meet the morning sun in the Chatsworth Mountains, bringing the overnight all-pullman "Lark" down from San Francisco.$20.00TR2758 
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific "Madame Queen" the diesel-devotees call her - or the "Queen Mary". She was SF-1, under her original EMD (General Motors) serial number 744 - August 1949$20.00TR2760 
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific's train No.27, the westbound "San Francisco Overland" sections one and two, pause in Sacramento, California, in 1967$20.00TR2762 
Trains_and_RailroadHere at West Oakland, California in 1952 stand three sets of Southern Pacific's ALCO PA-1's ready for service$20.00TR2764 
Trains_and_RailroadDiesels of the ESPEE Volume one: ALCO PA'S compiled by Roger M. Cortani, text by Gordon Lloyd Jr., and Joseph A. Strapac - Chatham Publishing Company 1975$40.00TR2767 
Trains_and_RailroadSOUTHERN PACIFIC A four-unit set of EMD F-7 diesel units lead Southern Pacific train No.919, a northbound freight around Horseshoe Curve$20.00TR2771 
Trains_and_RailroadThe two locomotives shown in this picture, Southern Pacific No.1, the C.P.HUNTINGTON from the 1860's, and Southern Pacific No.6329 F-7 units 1950$20.00TR2774 
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific EMD F-7A No. 356 at Schellville, California 1968$20.00TR2776 
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific Roundhouse in old Sarcamento scene here in 1955, was pure steam; not a diesel 'growler" in sight$20.00TR2777 
Trains_and_RailroadMarching down the New Mexico mainline of Southern Pacific comes a big 2-8-8-4, looking "Right Nice" she's a AC-9 Class No.3800 on May 11, 1940$20.00TR2780 
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific MK-6 No.3258 leads the westbound Pacific Limited across the Lucin Cutoff, Southern Pacific's trestle across the Great Salt Lake in Utah$20.00TR2781 
Trains_and_RailroadTromping right past 16th St. Passenger Station, Oakland, California, Cal-P westbound freight, the Cal-P was a piece of railroad, a fast run, double-tracked all the way. It was September 23, 1955$20.00TR2784A
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific's Cab-in-front No.4178, pulling a freight stopping, it was August 7, 1955$20.00TR2784B
Trains_and_RailroadHeading up the "Modoc" is Southern Pacific's Second Class freight "Mailet" Cab-Forward No.4267. She's near Crest, Summit of the line, about thirty-four miles out of Wendel - in Lassen County, California in October 23, 1955$20.00TR2784C
Trains_and_RailroadSP's CAB-FORWARD #4247, churning the snow between Sage Hen and Madeline, way up there northern Lassen County, brings back memories 2nd of February 1956$20.00TR2788C
Trains_and_RailroadRolling down off curvaceous Tehachapi loop fame, comes a great 4-8-8-2 her tapered nose identifying her as a noble 4200, an AC-10$20.00TR2788B
Trains_and_RailroadAt Ravendale, about forty miles out of Wendel, Southern Pacific Second Class Freight No.554, pauses for a drink for the big #4267 Cab-Forward$20.00TR2788D

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